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Inhalation Aromatherapy and Emotional Management

  • 5Weeks
  • 1Step


The professional Inhalation Aromatherapy and Emotional Management course offered by AromaStick AG and IIAA(International Inhalation Aromatherapy Association) will provide you with valuable knowledge and practical skills required to become a qualified Inhalation Aromatherapy Lecturer. Our philosophy is: Not only should you understand what Inhalation Aromatherapy is, but you should also learn the reasons behind it and its specific practical methods. This offers excellent prospects for employment and career development. The course includes the following modules: • Module 1: Olfactory Physiology • Module 2: Inhalation Aromatherapy • Module 3: Professional Practice of AromaStick Nasal Inhalers • Module 4: Emotional Management (an innovative field combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine) • Module 5: Business Practices

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Single Payment
CHF 800.00
5 Session Aromatherapy Program
CHF 3’800.00


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