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A Journey of Cultural Depth and Personal Enrichment

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The Paradies Rheintal China Experience

With many standard vacation packages only bringing you to a few generic, touristy destinations within a country, it can be challenging to fully understand the country and travel in a way that is cultural and meaningful. However, at Paradies Rheintal we work diligently to find travel experiences that genuinely enrich your life.

Our bespoke tours include meticulously curated journeys to China that will have you feel like you have experienced everything from imperial China to modern day Shanghai. While we bring you to major must-see destinations such as the Great Wall, you will also have the opportunity to explore less touristy spots such as the Leshan Giant Buddha and Lingyun Temple.

Our tours are the perfect gateways to profound personal and cultural growth. From our base in Zürich, Switzerland, we launch you into the very heart of China's most cherished traditions and scenic wonders for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Special Service for Special Experiences

While many tour operators claim to offer unique experiences, Paradies Rheintal's commitment is more than mere words. Our full-service concierge works diligently to ensure all of your travel needs are covered. The cornerstone of our offerings lies in our unique infrastructure — a dedicated office in China. This office allows us to establish intimate local partnerships, fostering an experience that transcends traditional tourism. From the moment your plane touches down until your return to Zürich or any European location, we manage every detail, letting you focus solely on your journey.

Submerge Yourself in Authentic Chinese Culture

When you travel with us, you will be fully encompassed by the cultural landscape of the country. Perhaps you'll find yourself at a WuDang Camp, gaining insights into ancient martial arts directly from lifelong practitioners. Alternatively, you might discover your musical soul during Gu Qin lessons, as you delve into the intricacies of this revered instrument. We’ll also make sure you get to enjoy the best of Sichuan cuisine with a cooking class led by some of the best chefs in the region.

All planned experiences are structured as deep dives, encouraging you to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, rather than skim its surface.

The Bespoke Factor

Personalized Itineraries: Your time is precious, and your interests are unique. We recognize that, which is why each itinerary is tailored to your particular interests, whether that be culinary adventures, historical exploration, or cultural activities.

Exclusive Partnerships: Our relationships with places like the WuDang Monastery go beyond mere agreements. They are collaborative engagements that open up opportunities for our travelers, such as specialized online educational sessions, usually reserved for scholars or lifelong students of Chinese culture.

High-Level Concierge Service: Our services cover a spectrum, from visa arrangements to restaurant reservations. All these fall under a comprehensive concierge service that holds your satisfaction as its pinnacle goal.

Beyond China: A Swiss Palette of Adventures

We are equally passionate about our scenic homeland in Eastern Switzerland, specifically in Heidiland, a region that embodies tranquility and natural splendor. These Swiss tours, much like our Chinese adventures, are rooted in immersive experiences—be it a visit to the thermal baths in Bad Ragaz, a boat trip across Lake Constance, or a cultural exploration of Liechtenstein.

So, Are You Ready for a Life-Changing Endeavor?

When you opt for a Paradies Rheintal experience, you're choosing more than a holiday; you're investing in personal growth and cultural enlightenment. Whether you’re from Europe, North America, or South America, these journeys are designed with a global citizen in mind—one who values education, culture, and above all, authenticity.

So, if you yearn for an adventure that resonates on a deeper level, consider embarking on one of our bespoke China tours. Because at Paradies Rheintal, we believe that travel should be not just a momentary diversion but a transformative expedition.

For detailed inquiries, feel free to connect with our office or peruse our website. We are fully equipped to arrange travel logistics from any European location to Zürich, completing your journey's circle with ease.

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