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Mark Siegert's Fruitful Meeting with Ambassador Mr. Jürg Burri in Beijing

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Date: October 26th, 2023

Location: Beijing, China

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Mark Siegert's impactful trip to China, with his first stop being the vibrant city of Beijing. During this visit, Mr. Siegert had the privilege of meeting with Swiss Ambassador Mr. Jürg Burri at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador to China, fostering a valuable connection between Health and Happiness Group and the Swiss diplomatic community.

Cultural and Educational Dialogue: In a fruitful exchange that spanned an hour, Mr. Siegert engaged in a profound cultural and educational dialogue with Ambassador Mr. Burri. This dialogue not only strengthened ties between Health and Happiness Group and the Swiss Embassy but also opened avenues for collaborative initiatives that go beyond business.

Strategic Investments and Plans: During the meeting, Mr. Siegert and Ambassador Mr. Burri delved into discussions about HH Group's strategic investments and plans. Their shared commitment to fostering strong ties between Switzerland and China was evident, laying the groundwork for exciting ventures and mutual growth.

Joint Support for the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China: A highlight of their discussion was a shared commitment to supporting the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China. This collaborative effort aligns with both parties' vision for promoting business and cultural exchange between the two nations.

The Charm of the Swiss Embassy: In his remarks, Mr. Siegert reflected on the refreshing charm of the Swiss Embassy in Beijing. He acknowledged the sentiment previously expressed by Mr. Burri in his article, "Swiss Diplomacy Meets Business," emphasizing the unique and welcoming atmosphere that sets the Swiss Embassy apart.

A True Joy: In Mr. Siegert's own words, the meeting with Ambassador Mr. Burri was a "true joy." The exchange of ideas, the shared vision for collaboration, and the warm hospitality experienced at the Swiss Embassy left an indelible mark on this significant encounter.

As the founder and CEO of Health and Happiness AG and Group, Mr. Siegert's trip to China signals not only a commitment to business but a dedication to fostering meaningful relationships and partnerships that transcend borders.

We look forward to the continued success of Health and Happiness Group as we navigate new horizons and forge enduring connections.

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